Becoming a Doula

So this is my first blog on being a doula. i decided this week to become a doula, i have been thinking about it for a while and after giving birth to Harvey (see my birth story page) i really feel like being a doula is something that i would be great at. I believe in natural birth i believe our bodies are made to give birth and that if we take the time to listen to them we can all have births that are what we desire for them to be whether that is in the hospital or at home; with drugs or without. Whatever is best for you, your baby, and your body you will know and i want to support mom’s like you in having that birth. that’s a bit about why i want to be a doula. (there is of course a lot more to it) well so i’ve gotten started i’ve orderd my books that i need to read and i’m gonna observe my first birth education course next week  and then in july i’m gonna take my certifcation class and then i will need to observe some births so if you need a doula you know where to find me. 🙂


One thought on “Becoming a Doula

  1. Congratulations on you recent birth, and happy belated mother’s day.

    Did you know that May is International Doula Month?

    We just released a 7 minute documentary, titled “Do You Doula?” It was sponsored by three certified doulas in Cincinnati.

    You can see the video here:


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