So i am a believer that children will learn through association. I also was potty trained (as was my mom and grandma) by being placed on potty everyday as a baby until i naturally just learned that that is where you go potty and not in a diaper. so When a friend told me about EC (Elimination Communcation) it made perfect sense. it was a name to a theory that my family had for generations subscribed to. now please understand that ECing isn’t about training Harvey ECing is more about us as the parent learning Harvey’s signs and putting him on the potty so that he will learn the association. So anyway this is what we do…. atleast once a day we set harvey on his little potty and we make a pssss sound and he watches a potty training video and we wait. at first he would take a little while and sometimes he still does but pretty much so far is a success for us. he goes in his toilet pretty quickly. we have also gotten pretty good at reading his signs although we occasionally get a miss (but usually we know that we are gonna miss 🙂 ) But anyway in the end we are getting better and we get a few more catches a day and harvey is starting to signal us more. its super rewarding to see this work for us and we hope that someday soon we will get to share how he stay’s dry for longer than his nap. So i would encourage you if you are having trouble with potty training or nervous to potty train that you consider doing Elimination Communication and as i learn new things i will be sure to share.


4 thoughts on “EC

  1. Hi, how old is your son? My son is 6 months old and we started infant potty training w/ my son when he was 6 months old. (check out my blog about it I was wondering if he pees on the potty for you consistently? We have only managed to get him to poop on the potty. He’ll pee on the potty when put there, but then pee in his diaper too. Any tricks or ideas you want to share? Thanks!


    • my son is 4 months he is pretty consisten with peeing on his potty we have better luck with that then pooping. but our goal was just to do EC part time cause we are out and about a lot of the time but on monday when we were home the whole day he was dry the whole day so i guess if i was home more i would probably catch more. i have tried to catch at my moms but i think he like his potty cause he won’t go there. thanks for sendin me your blog address i was trying to figure out how to view it before and couldn’t.


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