My birth story

Here is my birth story….. before i can begin i have to tell the story of how i was born because that is the reason i planned my birth the way i did. when i was born my mom went into labor on her due date, she went into the hospital and they told her that no baby is ever born on their due date and that she was not in labor and sent her home. one nurse assured her though that she was probably in labor but still this was the best thing for her because if she stayed at the hospital she couldn’t do anything for her no food nothing and that it would be better if she went home to labor because she would be more relaxed and she could eat and in general it would make her day easier. so she went home and was there until 5 at which point my grandparents finally convinced her to go back to the hospital and  when she did they checked her and there i was about to be delivered in the hall…… so given that story my whole life i have always known i wanted to labor at home for as long as possible before going to the hospital. i decided hiring a doula would be my best bet along with a ton of reading so that i could have the birth i desired so that is what i did. among other things i also did a lot of reading on birthing methods and decided to go with hypnobirthing and read a lot on painless childbirth. something deep in me had always said childbirth wasn’t painful but was just uncomfortable. so given all that on december 12th i had a great day hung out with my mom went with her to a hair apointment and ended up having dinner with my parents and husband at claim jumper. around 7pm one of my friends called me to ask if i had gone into labor i assured her that i hadn’t. i told her that i had a few cramps but nothing strong or comparable to my braxton hicks. i told her it would probably be closer to my due date (1/1/09). anyway so after dinner i went home and laid down. around 1 am i woke up and went to the bathroom about 45 min later i climbed back into bed. i sneezed and wet my pants a little or so i thought, i got up to change and by the time i made it to the bathroom water was gushing out. i was still confused so i called my mom and by bestfriend and they both told me to go to the hospital and get checked. so i woke up my hubby who had only been in bed for about 10min and he got everything ready to get to go and we headed out. my water had broke but i felt nothing no contractions what so ever. it was bizare so anyway we get to the hospital they admit cause i’m in labor or so they say. my doula is out of town so we have the back-ups number but decide to wait its only 2am and i don’t feel anything so we are thinking its gonna be a while. so finaly like an hour goes by and they finally decide to check me since my dr. wasn’t gonna. turns out i’m at a 5 and according to the monitor i’m having a contraction which i argue with the nurse about and ended up rating it at a zero on the pain scale. so she told me if i felt like i needed to go to the bathroom to let her know. i’m not kidding like a few minutes later i feel like i need to go to the bathroom i assured her i just needed to pee so i go to the bathroom and then i realize wait no that’s pressure and that is harvey’s head so we call her back in she checks me and i’m at a 7 almost 8. my contractions are now at like a 1 i can feel them but no pain. so i continue to sit in the bed ( i didn’t like to feel like i was peeing my pants and since i was comfortable i just sat in bed) my nurse decided not to leave since my contractions were getting closer and more intense another nurse came into help. which was good my nurse kept me focused on her and the other nurse kept me breathing. Tyler called the back-up who said she would call her back-up because she was at a birth. so then we go on breathing and the pressure is getting stronger and i really need to push now. there still was no pain but there was a ton of pressure. i started arguing with the nurse that i needed to push and she kept telling i couldn’t yet. finally i had a long intense contraction that peaked start to back down and then peaked again. i finally convinced the nurses to check me again and sure enough i was ready to push. so they told me what to do and then i started pushing and in 3 pushes there was Harvey. it was amazing! so incredible. i could feel him coming into this world and i loved it every second of it. and i can honestly say i felt no pain. Please realize painless doesn’t mean feeling-less. i could feel everything and it was just a lot of pressure but there was no pain. So that is my birth story nothing to fancy just quick and simple 4.5 hours from the time my water broke i had a baby boy in my arms.


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