So my first book to read for Doula training is my breastfeeding book, i have chosen to read, the Ultimate Breastfeeding book of Answers. I decided to start here cause i figured this would be most useful to the stage i am in in motherhood. so far i have learned a lot in this book. it went over the typical positions and how to do that, although i like the way it describes them better than other books i have read, it seemed to be more descriptive and what a proper latch should look like and how your arms should be. it even commented on how your hand should support the baby’s head which i found helpful because i remember leaving light imprints on the side of my son’s face from supporting him and feeling like what the heck am i doing this wrong am i hurting him, turns out i wasn’t hurting him at all and that my hand was properly positioned. 🙂 

i have also learned some interesting facts about BM including that depending on the time of day your milk’s vitamins and protein levels vary, which the author than proceed to question which time of day the formula company tries to imitate? 

I planned to breastfeed from the get go for the first year but i have learned in reading this book that while i though winning at the end of the first year was normal, its not typically normal in the rest of the world where babies are naturally weaned somewhere between 2.5 and 7 years. it makes sense though why do we go through all the trouble of learning to breastfeed (admit it its not easy those first 6 weeks- see next paragraph for my thoughts on this) only to wean our babies at 6months and move them onto formal. it seems silly if you think about it why is formula AKA imitation breast-milk decided to be better than breast-milk for the second 6 to 12 months?

now for those of you just starting and are in your first 6 weeks at it, i have a bit of advice keep trying, and get a lactation counselor to help you, and go to a La Leche League meeting. in my experience the first 6 weeks were the absolute hardest, it was difficult to get him going, keeping him awake. there were so many times i wanted to quit. but a good friend told me keep going just make it your goal to get to 6 weeks and it will fall into place, and i’m telling you i got to 6 weeks it fell into place. the only way it will though is if you  have a support system and trained people looking at your latch and hold. 

now for the end of the current tangent and back to the book thus far… i read this book i feel compelled to ask the question how long before i decide to wean, and the answer so far is shocking me, so far i want to wait until Harvey is ready whether that is 1 year or 3 years. 

I challenge all of you before you go to formula to really give breastfeeding a chance and for those of you considering weaning give it a second thought. Now i know that there are a few women who can’t breastfeed but most of us can and a lot of women are told they can’t when they can. so keep going trust your instinct and trust your child…….


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