before you read this i want to say for the most part i am mostly antivaccine, i didn’t come to this decision lightly i did a lot of research on the different vaccinations, their intentions, side effects and the illnesses themselves. there are some vaccinations my son will get once i feel his body is old enough to properly respond to the vaccine and there are others i am adimently opposed to. such as 13 year old girls geting an HPV vaccine (i ask you why is your 13 year old getting a vaccine for a sexual transmitted disease, is she really having sex? if so i think you might have bigger problems than HPV) sorry that might have been a little harsh but seriously 13 year olds should not being have sex and if they are they are doing because a need is not being fulfilled properly from their parents. anyway back to vaccines. my husband and i have made the choice that we feel best for our family, we believe that in this country our medical system is properly educated to treat and cure most illness, we also believe in trusting and caring for our bodies so that they can do their job they way they are made to. and vaccinating for the most part goes against that philosophy it says we have to prevent an illness before it occurs because our bodies aren’t strong enough to fight it and our medical system isn’t smart enough to help us fight it. with that said i support everyone’s choice to choose wether or not to vaccinate. i have nothing against people who vaccinate i was vaccinated for most things and because of the high numbers of people who have vaccinated my child will be less likely to catch illneses as well as my grandma and my friends kids and my friend’s grandmas. 

Anyway all these to encourge all of you to read this blog about media and vaccines, i think this author makes some great points about the negativity that is being expressed in relation to parents who choose not to vaccinate saying that we are bad and uneducated when in reality most of us have made an informed decision unlike most vaccinating parents who did because their dr says ok so today we are gonna get some shots and the parent has no clue about them until that moment. anyway off my soap box here is the blog….

for more info on vaccines and to do your own research check out this book.

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