My first Doula client Meeting

So tomorrow is my first meeting with  my first doula client! AHHHH!!!!! so i am getting ready tonight or atleast trying to. Tyler is working on my business cards and i am working a couple things to give my future client. i am so excited! eventually i am gonna work on a contract for her but for now until i go to my workshop and know what to put in the contract i am going to type up a simple benefits of having a doula and questions for the Doctor. but to share for those of you who don’t know here are the main benefits of having a doula…

Effect on Birth:

Shorter labor, fewer complications and cesareans or need for inductions (cause mom is more relaxed allowing her body to do the work)

Effect on Mother: 

Greater satisfactio with her birth, Less Postpartum depression

Effects on Baby: breastfeed more easily, shorter hospital stay less need for special care nurseries

So if you are thinking of having a baby get a certified doula or at least a doula in training!


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