my can’t live without baby musts!

I have been kinda meeting to write this for a while now, a friend asked me what she thought were the musts when registering and i have been going about our day looking at all the things we use and this is the list i have come up with. these are the things that were a must for us.

1) first of all we use a bed and a carseat these are a must!

2) we use or awesome rockstart baby stroller, its great cause it has a bassinet for when the baby is little, then as he gets bigger it has a toddler seat, it also has an attachment for the car seat. basically its a frame and each peice snaps on its awesome! similar to a buggaboo or a maxi cosi

3) diapers- we love cloth! we use pocket cloth diapers and bamboozels with covers. but we also use gdiapers with prefolds as inserts. cloth has come a long way its not as messy as you would think and they are a money saver. plus they are comfy and healthy for baby. if you do use disposables we love seventh generation but not for newborn they pee to much and seventh generation abosorbs different than pampers which turns the liquid into gel.  if you do use cloth a diaper sprayer is a must! it helps get them clean! no need to soak just spray and throw into the wash.

4) we have a potty at the top of our list, cause well we EC. it works great for us and if you want to know more about EC i’m happy to share a great resource is diaper free baby (a book)

5) a highchair for feeding, we do some purees so a blender is a must but we also practice baby-lead weaning so we give harvery straight up carrot sticks and it works great! he totally eats them, either way spoons, bowls, bibs a sippy and a high chair are a must

6) we have a graco swing that our car seat can snap onto, it also comes iwth a seat that reclines and vibrates it is great because when baby is asleep in car you can bring them in and plop them on swing and they can keep moving keeping them asleep. it also comes with a swaddle blanket that works with the harness!

7) thermal blankets… awesome for swaddling, swaddeling is a must! it is so comforting to them and they sleep so much better no spontanious body movments to wake them. seriously do it until they can roll over.

8) a wrap and an ergo (don’t get a baby bjorn buy an ergo! its better for the baby ergonomically and better on your back!) wearing your baby is not spoiling them despite what some might want you to think. a wrap is great its versitle and comfy and babys love the close ness its very womb like. an ergo is great cause its better for the baby’s little body and it can be used up until they are big like 2 or 3 or longer depending on the kid. you can wear it front, hip, or back and wear an infant. it has a a couple differnt pack attachments to give you more pockets and can be used for everything from around the house to hicking. try it once you’ll never go back to a silly bjorn that won’t last you more than a couple months and is bad for babys hips and spine. you can buy an ergo here…Purchase ERGO baby carriers here 

9) an excersaucer/jumper/bouncer/boppy/playmat all are great for entertaining baby and even if he only plays for 20 min a day by himself with one of these thats 20 min of time to yourself and 20 min of independnce for him. beyond that they are great for when you need to cook baby can watch you, the dog, he can snack. some babys will have a prefernce of these things and thats ok but until baby is here you won’t know which is best for them, also some might like a particular bouncer over another bouncer for example. so try a few if you can.

10) the best for last! an angel car monitor. soooooo worth the money it monitors baby’s movement so if baby stops breathing it will alarm you and it works oh does it work! you can make it just sound but i got to tell you i sleep better at nite not worrying about SIDS.


well thats the top 10 things that i say are a must for getting started with baby! atleast for us they were the best! 

enjoy your new little one!


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