a month of twittering

so June has been a crazy month in our house but one big thing we did this month was that i was part of a twitter contest. i was one of 30 moms who was chosen to twitter for 30 days. i was given a hotslings and a miracle blanket to use throughout the month. mine arrived a little late, (fed-ex got a bit confused) so the miracle blanket harvey had already grown out of but the hotslings we got to use. at first i wasn’t super into it, it wasn’t like my other carriers but we countinued to try and actually the hip carry is awesome for quick little trips and worked wonderful at the beach!

to win the contest we were judged on number of followers, updates, and quality of our tweets. here is a recap of some of the things i twittered about for the month….

On the weekend i posted a popscicle joke, saturday’s i posted the joke and invited followers back sunday for the response.

week one: where does a fish save his money.. in a river bank; week 2: what did the chef name his son? stu week 3: what did the salad say in church: lettuce pray and week 4 why did the chicken cross the road? to tweet of course!

i tweeted with 30 amazing moms plus for 4k+ followers on topics like breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapers and so much more! i asked peoples thoughts on their favorite carriers, (i got resposes from ergo to wrap to slings) i asked to hear birth stories and i heard some awesome VBAC stories.. so wonderful to hear! 

Overall it was so much fun! i think the most fun i had was yesterday doing a day in the life of harvey and tweeting from Harvey’s perspective it was super fun to try and think what he could be thinking, i wasn’t super good at baby thought but it was still fun! 

here are a few of the pics i tweeted throughout the month…

 celebrating mom’s 50th

Sharing a glass of water with harv

our profile pic

Harvey and his Girlfriend

at the angels dodgers game

Harv’s perspective

and lastly us in our hotsling

it was a super fun and i made a lot of new twittering friends that i hope to keep tweeting with.

If you want to continue to follow Harvey and i we would love to have you follow us @domesticdays

have a great day!


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