Doula Training

It has been an exciting last couple of days and now that i have 24hours to recoup i am ready to blog. 🙂 starting Friday i began my Doula training workshop. its 3 intense days, jammed packed of the ins and outs of doulaing.

We started out Friday with an intro to childbirth class where we learned about the basics of having a baby (yes i have given birth but this covers all kinds of stuff). Then Saturday and Sunday was all on how to Doula. it was awesome! we learned about everything from interventions to acupressure points to induce labor, we learned massage techniques and laboring positions. we watched some incredible births including a twins unmedicated vaginal birth with the first baby being breech. it was incredible!!!!!

Amongst all the stuff we learned we had the opportunity to borrow our instructors books and DVDs over night during our training, so my friend and i borrowed Orgasmic Birth and watched it. we weren’t really sure what to expect but it turned out to be a pretty good movie, and nothing like what you are thinking its about. Ok one more orgasimed during childbirth but that was it the rest of the movie was just amazing women giving amazing natural childbirth and enjoying it! heck there was even a women who gave birth on your deck it was awesome!!!!

ok so that was a lot of excitement and exclamation points! 🙂

well training done now back to observing my classes next on the list is to observe a breastfeeding class and then to keep working with my mommys!


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