My advice to the prego/new mom!

Everyone has little pointers for you along with way during your pregnancy from how to get the swelling in your feet and hands down, to what to eat, how to induce labor, how to take or not take that epidural, how to get a baby to sleep better, eat better, and grow faster. it seems like every person you meet along the way has a thought. well being a first time mom i heard a lot of them along the way and well i would like to say it ends at birth it doesn’t i still get pointers and opinions left and right and  sadly i don’t think they will ever end. I guess the plus side is that now that i am a mom i get to hand out my pointers 🙂 its a vicous cycle i know and i’m gonna proudly contribute! however, i am not gonna tell you the best way to get your baby to sleep, or the best remedy for morning sickness. the truth is i had no morning sickness (which FYI doesn’t mean you are sick in the morning it means you’ll be sick in the morning, or 1st trimester, of your pregnancy), i also didn’t really have a back ache or swollen ankles (although my feet and legs got pretty bad the last couple of weeks). my son was born a natural sleeper and has himself gradually broke himself of night nursings and is now down to one if that. to be honest my pregnancy was fairly eventless, as was my birth, and so far has been motherhood.

Instead my advice is simple but is based on my experience, here it is….. READ READ READ READ Educate yourself!!!! that’s it that’s all of my advice. but it goes along way. from my experience the pregnant women who has educated herself on her birth desires usually gets the birth she desires, the mom who understands her mothering choices is usually more satisfied in her job as mom. Every baby is different, every women is different. In the end all that matters is that you and your baby are happy and healthy. while i may choose to practice extended breastfeeding, elimination communication, my right to homebirth ( the next time around), cloth diaper, and so much more i recognize that things are right for me and my family and may not be right for you and yours. But i feel confident in my choices i know that they are what is best for my family because i have read both sides of each choice and then made my stance and i stick by the choices, as should you! read, educate yourself, and make your choice based on your knowledge of your family. But don’t take my word for it go out and find out how well it works for your family.


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