Pregnancy Fair @ the belly sprout

Its been a crazy month this month leaving me with little time to really sit down and blog. but i wanted to take some time tonight (while i had the time) to blog about the latest marker on my way to becoming a doula. Last Saturday the 18th i was fortunate enough to get to participate in a pregnancy fair at my favorite local store… the belly sprout (its where i get all our cloth diapers, babywearing tips, and a ton more stuff). Anyway Christy, the owner, a self proclaimed Doula and midwife pimp decided to do a Q&A for midwives and Doulas. she opened it up to anyone interested and i got to be on the panel. it was super fun. i met a lot of prego moms, midwives, doulas, and just a ton of other awesome women in the world of pregnancy and childbirth. it was such a fun day, i was able to pass out a few cards to a few prego moms so we’ll see what happens.

well i wish i had photos to share but sadly i don’t 😦


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