Anxiously Awaiting

With months passed since the last time i waited in the hospital for a baby to born i forgot how nerve racking it is to wait for the call from mommy and daddy saying we are in labor! only this time is different. the last 4 phone calls i received were friends telling me we are headed to the hospital with my response being i’ll be in the waiting room! and off i ran to sit for the rest of the day or night until the baby was born and i got to go in and see my new little Sergent nephew or niece. but today is different. today i anxiously await my first client calling me to say that she is in labor. she called me to ask a question earlier and now i realize that labor is near for her, nearer than i realized til today. and so i wait, nervous for that phone call that says come to my house i am in labor. i know my instincts will kick in but i am still nervous that i am not prepared to support her, after all this is my first time being a doula! but i am also excited, excited to help a women have the labor that she desires!  and so i wait!


One thought on “Anxiously Awaiting

  1. This is how I am!! Waiting to get the call about a woman in labor. I can’t believe it is real half the time haha.

    Congrats on the job and I know you will do GREAT!


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