Breastfeeding week recap

In honor of world Breastfeeding week i saw some awesome posts, that i wanted to share with all of you. The first of which was an awesome slap in the face for those out there who can’t stand seeing women breastfeed in public but think it was awesome to see janet jackson’s boob in the middle of the super bowl….

then i saw this post this week, its a little more thought provoking i am not 100% sure i am in for it but i am not against it either, afterall a lot of breastfed kids pretend to breastfeed their dolls.″


One thought on “Breastfeeding week recap

  1. i agree that is the assumption being made, but i think there are a lot of people out there who fit that mold. They think its the worst thing ever that a women would even think of breastfeeding their child, particularly in public, but are completly ok with the amount of female sexuality in advertising and on television. i personally unless i am in my car will use a nursing cover, i feel better about it, but i have on a few occasions not used a cover because harv needed to nurse and the cover was not available, but my shirt either went over harvey’s head so you can’t see his face or it was pulled so far down you couldn’t see anything but the back of his head. but i know there are women who have less modesty and that bothers people i just think its hypocritical to be bothered with it if you are ok with looking at the boobs in advertisments that are everywhere.


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