My first Birth!

You read that right! i completed my first birth this week! My client called me Monday night to tell me she had been having regular consistent contractions but they were still rather short and far between. We were both so excited, she was one day past her guess date and really ready for baby #2 to come. i told her to relax, shower, and enjoy the quiet and call me in a little while. We messaged back and forth throughout the evening and eventually i told her to get some rest and call me in the morning.

at 4:15 she texted me “i’m sure asleep but……” (i was not asleep, my son had oddly woken up and i was awake. to me that was a God thing, my fear was sleeping through the phone and here i was awake for the call!) anyway they contractions were getting stronger, longer, and closer. she said she was still doing fine and was going to rest some more. i told her ok great call me in an hour! i got all my stuff ready and rested on the couch waiting for the next call.

at 6:30 she called me, her husband had gone to take her son to his aunts and the contractions were now 5 min apart 1 min long, she was in active labor! i told her i was on my way and by 7:30 i arrived at her house.

I came in to find her sitting on the couch, smiling and very excited! She told me she had eaten breakfast as instructed her and that she had drank some water. i said great, then let’s get walking and get this baby out! she agreed and we decided to walk to starbucks to get some juice. so we walked the aprox 1 block over 3 blocks up to starbucks. it was exactly what she needed, her contractions started getting closer together between 3 and 5 min now and lasting between a min and a min and 15seconds. she was doing amazing! she breathed beautifully through them without a single complaint or anything. and when they were gone it was if they had never happened.

The funniest part i think of our whole day was when we got to starbucks, she had a contraction just as we crossed the street and walked up, it was about 8:15, so of course peak time for starbucks traffic and there were a ton of people sitting out front and rushing in and out, and here we are managing a birth wave! it was hysterical, she is resting on me her husband is applying counter pressure and she is focused. one guest caught my eye and mouthed “is she ok” i smiled back and nodded.

by 8:45 we were back at the house and she appeared to be getting close to transition. Because she is my first, and because her first labor went really really fast i wanted to be on the safe side, so i told her we should start heading to the hospital. so off we went.

at 9:30ish we arrived at the hospital’s ER entrance were we promptly greeted by a lovely volunteer and a not so lovely nurse. They immediately in a not so friendly tone started asking her questions in the middle of an obvious contraction, and continued to get irritated when she didn’t respond. i responded for her that her and the nurse ran off mumbling how they needed to get her upstairs now, she seemed very bothered by the fact that the contractions were between 3 and 5min apart.

we were then taken up to LDR where we met and taken care of by the most amazing, kind, and supportive nurse, thank God! the first one had me a little worried!

This nurse was awesome! she was completely supportive of the birth plan, never offered any drugs, she didn’t intervene on the mom at all other than her 15min per hour of fetal monitoring. that was it, otherwise we never saw her or heard from her! at 10:40 after getting all checked in the nurse told us she was at 6, 100% effaced and zero station! what great news! in just a matter of hours she was more than halfway done! at noon she was checked again and was 7cm and +1 station! amazing! she was progressing so quickly! at 12:40 her husband i convinced her to get up and walk around and go to the bathroom to see if we could speed the process again, by this point she was very tired and sleeping between contractions. she agreed and got up for 20min then sat in the rocking chair. she asked for a heat pack for her back and i went to go find something when i returned she was awake and describing with a lot of energy to her husband what the contractions felt like. i smiled knowing she was at if not close to transition. about 20min labor she looked at me and said for the first time, they hurt, i need medication to take the edge of. i said ok let’s get a nurse to check you first, she said ok! i found the nurse who at 1:30 came in the room with the Doctor.

He checked her stating she had only a lip left to go, he told her to push and was able to bring her complete. they then broke her water and told her it was time to push!

It took a bit of couching but by 2pm (only 20m later and 3 solid pushes later) her little boy was in her arms! it was amazing!!!!! she of course said i’m gonna die, and i can’t do it, and i need medication to push but we assured her none of that was true and she proved us right!

It was a great first birth for me to attend, she labored well and easily, she trusted me, we had no one interfering so i actually go to coach her through without resistance for doctors or nurses. it was awesome and left me feeling confident and on a birth high! i can’t wait for birth #2 who is already 37 weeks! where does the time go?


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