VBAC Safe?

I wasn’t able to attend but lastweekend at the Belly Sprout in fullerton they did a seminar on the truth about VBAC’s. A topic i have been intending to post about for a week after reading an article on Birth, Babies & Everything in Between about a mom who was court orderd to have a second c-birth. and it broke my heart. a VBAC can be incredibly safe and is often safer than the subsequent c-birth. After 2 weeks of reading up on VBACs here is what i have found….

The most common reason why doctors are against VBACs is because they have a fear of uterine rupture. The likelihood of the scar giving way is about 27 in every 10,000 (childbirthconnection.org). However, despite the limitations of available research the following factors are shown to not increase the risk of uterine rupture… Type of scar, low vertical uterine incision for prior c-section, baby estimated to be large, pregnancy goes past 40 weeks. Twin pregnancy and an e-version have also not shown an increase risk but there are to few studies. 

on the otherside it has shown that women who have planned c-sections and continued c-sections are shown to be more likly to have infections, scar rupture in subsequent labor, ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, placental abruption, placenta accreta.

Overall less than 1 in 100 will experience the scar giving away meaning that that other 99 women are safe having a VBAC.

Now lets look at baby…. the repeat c-section also presents problem to baby such as being cut during the surgery, defficulty breathing, asthma in childhood. for future babys the are more likely to be born preterm, low birth weight, physical abnormality or injuy, death before or shortly after birth. 

Before you go have your repeat find a VBAC friendly provider and do some research see if your a canidate for a VBAC, while RCS may reduce your less than 1% chance of uterine rupture for this labor remember it increases your risk with each adittional pregnancy.  

some great resouces for finding out more information on VBACs are sites like VBACfacts.com , VBAC.com ,  ICAN, and Childbirthconnection.org


2 thoughts on “VBAC Safe?

  1. I am so glad that you wrote this. I left my doctor during my 39th week of pregnancy b/c one of the doctors in the practice was not on board with my VBAC decision. He scared me and basically berated me for my decision. I contributed as a source on an article about it: http://www.happyhealthypregnancy.com/info/bow/article.aspx?article_id=10872&_nc=633862156764261554&_nockcheck=true&_nc=633899228776057028&_nockcheck=true

    Doctors do not tell you the horrible things that could happen with a repeat c-section like bowel obstruction from scar tissue. They also gloss over the fact that it is MAJOR SURGERY! I needed help sitting and getting up from the toilet because my abdominal wall was severed. I hope to never have to repeat that ever again in life!


    • Karla,

      thanks so much for sharing! its so scary to know that Drs treat C-sections as no big deal when your right they are MAJOR SURGERY!!! whether its your first or second or third or more there are risks, atleast in the hospitals here, Dad is the only visitor allowed until you move to PP becuase its a major surgery and people need to realize that, its not some no easy outpatient task that can be treated lightly and done over and over again without serious risk to mom or baby! Thanks again for sharing and Good for you for fighting for a VBAC!


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