My favorite new blog!

Well there isn’t much up yet on the blog to read, but i am loving the idea behind it and can’t wait to read the stories. the blog is called the Perils of Hospital birth, and it stems from the Bloggers dislike on the recent Today show segment titled the perils of Homebirth where homebirths were showed to be awful, horrible things where Mom and Baby are put at serious risk. Which mind you is jsut not true, studies after studies have shown that Low risk babys are safer being born at home than in a birth center. the Infant mortality rate is lower, and there is less of a need for interventions. 

anyway so you can submit your hospital birth experiances to be posted Here.

In the meantime this is what i submited as my hospital experiance… (mind its from the stance of my view on the hospital not my labor!)

So i went in for my 37 week and asked to be checked because i had dropped and my body was showing other signs of labor readiness my DR. said no that wasn’t even close and that when i came in the following week he would put me on ultrasound. so two days later i went to dinner and headed home to bed and woke up around 1am with my water broke! So after taking my time i arrived at the hospital around 3am and was checked in. The nurse said she wouldn’t check me because my Dr. was already on his way in for another patient so she would wait for him to do so. So we sat waiting. she filled out all the forms she needed while i sat there chatting with my husband. She asked me to rate my contractions and i told her i didn’t feel anything 🙂 so she put me on monitors and showed me the contractions still nothing, i was so comfy! but still really curious what i was so i waited for the Dr. in the meantime i needed to have an IV put in for antibiotics. so here probably the worst and most painful part of my whole labor. Nurse #1 comes in ( i had managed to get my dr. agree to take the IV out as soon as the antibiotics was done but the nurse said no cause i needed it for 30min every 4hrs so the LDR  nurse said she would do a help-lock as the IV makes me panic) ok so Nurse #1 starts to do my Iv attempt number 1, fail, attempt number 2 fail. hospital policy nurse only gets 2 chances. so in comes nurse #2 the horror! she tries once again in my left arm. meanwhile my nurse keeps chatting to me trying to fill out her paperwork while we wait for the DR. nurse #2 gets in but out pops the hep-lock piece, fail #3!!! so now to try the other arm. now as if being poked like a pin cushion and having my arm bruised isn’t bad enough now i have a witch for a nurse trying to put in a hep lock while lecturing me. first she tells me how horrible hep-locks are and how i should have a straight IV because its easier to get in my arm. and how its so important that i have an IV because if something happens i will want have wished i had the IV already in my arm because i need it if i bleed out. and how if i do start to bleed out which does happen in labor then they only have a couple of minutes to get medication into me and if i dont have an IV then me and my baby could be dead before they get the IV in. YES you read that this nurse actually sat there and lectured me and told me my baby and i could both die if i dont have an IV in me waiting to be used. not that i need medication this second but that i need the IV in my arm with nothing in it in case i bleed out and my baby and i are going to die, all of this while i am laboring mind you! and not even laboring comfortably anymore as i was starting to go through transition and was trying very hard to focus on my contractions and have quiet!!!!! lucky for me my LDR nurse who had stepped out of the room came back with the head nurse because well my Lecturer failed at her second attempt at the IV, I can see why she was worried about me bleeding out if it take them this many tries to get the IV in i should probably walk around my whole pregnancy with the IV just incase! So now the head nurse goes to try and i look at her and said no no IV attempts for at least 5 min she said ok and everyone sat in silence, finally quiet! i finally told her it was ok and she did her thing one try and thats all it took, hep-lock in! off my nurse went to check on the dr. and i sat contracting through transition. Back she came to announce she would be checking me because my Dr. who stopped by to deliver a baby decided i was gonna be another 10-12 hours so he didn’t need to check me and let the nurse. Boy was he wrong! Nurse checked me i was at a 7! she asked if i needed anything i said i just need to go to the bathroom she asked why i said i needed to Pee she said ok but if anything else i was not get her! i said ok and after a contraction my hubby helped me to the bathroom i sat down and immediately realized i didn’t need to pee what i felt was babys head. so within 15 we called for the nurse to come back in and check me again. i was at a 9! she called for another nurse to come and help her. and she ran to the bathroom and to page the Dr. while i got comfy back in bed. i started telling them i needed to push they said no a few more contractions then i yelled at them to check me they said no again. few more contractions finally they checked me and said i was complete. i said i told you i need to push they still said no and then spent the next 1/2 hour or so telling me how i really wanted the DR there and how i shouldn’t push until he gets there. so i sat there waiting for the Dr. doing everything i could not to push. finally i told them it wasn’t gonna happen i was gonna push they said ok and let me push. 4 pushes later there was my baby! on my chest he went and in walks Dr. #1 (hospital staff Dr.), he says great job! what does he know he wasn’t here. anyway he proceeds to stitch me up as they take my baby against my birth plan and start doing their thing. then 15 min in walks Dr. #2 (my OBs back up) great job he says, again what does he know my baby is now 5min old! he says he will be back tomorrow as Dr. #1 has it under control. so off he goes. Dr. #1 does his thing, nurses do theres, i do mine, and within 2 hours I’m up in postpartum. 10-12hrs my A***! i was at the hospital for 2 more days with wonderful nurses but i never saw my Dr, he never came to check on! i saw him 6 weeks later for my PP check-up where he told me he called the hospital at 9am to check on me and they told him i was already in PP as i had delivered hours before! so Yes my Birth was amazing 4 hours, no pain, (pressure, intensity, work, but no screaming excruciating pain) and baby was in my arms. no thanx to my nurse trying to scare me into an IV and definatly no thanks to my Dr. who had better things to do than catch my baby!


2 thoughts on “My favorite new blog!

  1. Thanks for submitting your story! It seems like we are crossing paths a ton lately. Last blog you linked my personal blog (Birth Babies & Everything in Between) and this time my new pet project (The Perils of Hospital Birth) 🙂


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