Breastfeeding difficulties

If you asked i would probably be the first to say that breastfeeding is hard! it’s a ton of work and can be super hard the first time! honestly i am hoping that the second time will be easier, i figure it has to be after all the practice with the first. When my son was first born i had little support or model for what breastfeeding was suppose to be like, i come from a family of bottle feeding so i was outta my comfort zone to nurse. None the less i was determined!!!!! 

So we got off to a good start the first couple days with the help of the awesome nurses, then we went home and he had jaundice and had to go on lights, it was hard to watch and harder to nurse. a side effect of Jaundice is sleepiness, so when we did manage to wake him and latch him he would fall asleep! in the meantime the nurse told me to pump as i was pretty flat, and although my son could latch to a wall if he had to, it still makes it hard for the. so w/those 2 things going on and my family who didnt know understand BF it was hard. I heard as many do i’m sure that maybe i didn’t have enough, that i should give a bottle and so on. and then came my brother, whose son is 6 months older, and who’s wife didn’t want to BF so as soon as their son had jaundice they used it as an excuse not to bottle feed, so when they came over on day 5 at 9PM when i’m trying to go to sleep and beyond exhausted for pumping and nursing all day, my brother decided to lecture me on how i should bottle feed because it is better for my baby! God No, so not true!!!!!! really how could anyone believe that, formula is imitation breast milk, its not an exact match its an imitation!! anyone that set me off so off we went the next day to Lactation!!!! OMG was that a great idea! i highly highly highly recommend everyone going to lactation within a few days of baby being born, its very encouraging, i learned Harvey even in his laziness was still getting more milk than he needed! 

Later ( i forget either the same day, or the next) we went to have Harvey’s bilirubin checked, and on the way home i got chest pain! so off we went to the dr. who put me in an ambulance to the ER where i had test after test done only to be told it was a sever panic attack, and that i needed to pump and dump for 24 hours. that is sure gonna help the BF! so supplement we did for 24 hours. now while this can totally cause nipple confusion, nipple preference, or whatever other term you want to use for baby not wanting to nurse. my son was awesome and went right back to nursing, and well me i got 24 hours to relax, recoup, and came back strong and ready to nurse! it was totally God’s blessing in horrible disguise!

the next 7 months were pretty normal, every milestone i had to remind myself it will get easier. we had the 3 week growth spurt, we had a 2 month growth spurt, and so on. and as each arrived one of my best friends would remind me that it will be ok that at 6 weeks i would be shocked at how easy, and then again at 3 months and 6 months. and you know what i was! at each milestone i was so surprised at how easy it continued to get, and i was so happy!

then came 7 months and things went weird again and for a few weeks i was so confused. then i found out i was pregnant and so i started asking friends about tandem nursing. and i worried that i was loosing supply, and so i went to lactation again, twice! and one lactation reminded me he was now mobile and crawling and at 8 months its normal for a nursing strike to occur, they want to be mobile and moving not stopping to nurse every few hours. then i went to the midwife who told me that my milk could condense to a likeness similar colostrum. so we nursed through it frustrated and supplementing as needed. and then we found our grove again, seemed to me to be mostly a nursing strike! and so we were on track again for a few weeks!

Then this last couple of weeks we were back to frustrated and now again fearing the drying up as i am on 13 weeks and heard that was plausible. so that is where we are now! we are trying to nurse, trying to increase supply and trying to wait til baby #2 is born and i have more than enough milk for the two!!

i learned a couple things…. 1) always go to lactation and keep going if something doesnt seem right! 2) keep nursing it will get easier!!!!

What’s your story? please feel free to share!


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding difficulties

  1. I couldn’t agree more!! GET HELP if you need it. (Postpartum doulas are trained lactation consultants too, so they are a blessing also).

    I hated the lactation consultant that was at the NICU, so after we just relied on the nurses. Which were better than the consultant was!! She would grab me and Glade and force us together. It was embarrassing and painful. After our one experience, I told her not to come back.

    But once we figured out nursing, it was a cinch! I did wean her at 9 months, and I still have milk even tho she is 2 and a few months ;D

    I hope everything goes great with you guys! Good luck!!


  2. Sherrie, I am so happy that you stuck with the breast feeding. It really is the best for your son. I am glad you went to “lactation” but I don’t know what that is. I didn’t get any support in the idea to nurse my children other than books I had read, but I knew in my heart it was the best…and our children nursed so much I wasn’t able to get pregnant in between them.
    Congratulations on your new pregnancy, and good luck with working this all out, it sure has to be a huge challenge. Keep me posted, I would like to offer support. Ellen


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