Pregnant Again

I don’t know if i’ve posted on this yet but I’m currently 13 weeks prego! we are super excited, i always wanted my kids a year and half to two years apart and they will be almost exactly a year and half apart. i know it will be a challenge but i’m lookng forward to it both good and bad and I know that the lord will bless it! 

We have decided to do a few things different this time and it seems the lord has decided to do a few things different to! 🙂

The difference this time for us is we have decided to use a midwife and deliver at a birth center! we are really excited about that! our midwife is pretty awesome, and the birth assistant is part of the same doula group as my doula. I feel really comfortable with these women and i trust that they will do all they can to protect our birth wishes!

God and this baby on the other hand seem to have a few other changes in mind! First, I feel so much more this time than last! my body seems to already be preparing for baby,  i knew i would feel more and that it would be different, but this is crazy! i feel every little ligament stretch and pull. both times i have been blessed with no morning sickness but this baby every night around 6 or 7 seems to get hungry or something because i suddenly am nausiated! its so weird, especially since it didn’t start till the 3rd trimester! i also have different cravings and foods i loved before i don’t love now! (and that is putting it simply) 

If nothing else this pregnancy has taught me that no two pregnancies are alike, not even with the same woman!


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