Love for my midwife

I had a great midwife experience today. I get allergies in october, i have no idea what form but my sinuses always seem to act up. So when i woke up this morning with a stuffy nose i was heartbroken, i will take strep throat over a stuff nose any day! i emailed my midwife expecting that at some point in the next few days she would respond, it wasn’t a rush i wasn’t in a hurry just curious as to what i could take as i had never taken anything with my first, never needed to. With in 30 min, and before 9 AM on a Saturday i had a response back from my midwife! I was in shock what an amazing woman to respond to her patients so early and so kindly on a saturday morning. She wished me well, told her to call her if i got worse or ran a fever, and told me what i could and couln’t take. I felt so cared for the direct opposite of what my OB had made me feel the few times i had to call him during my previous pregnancy. As an example for you, at around 16 weeks i woke up with severe abdominal pain, i called him around 6 and his services paged him. he called me some 45 min later and told me to take a Tylenol and call him later. He  made me feel like an idiot for having not taken anything, and told me my pain was prolly not as severe as i thought and that it was simply ligament pain and the Tylenol would work. because he had made me doubt my instincts and feel like i was over reacting i was hesitant to call him back, when i finally did about 2 hours past when he told me to, still with growing abdominal pain, he told me to rush to the ER. when i arrived there and had an ultrasound they told me i had a galstone but that i had passed it myself. (go figure i knew it wasn’t ligament pain, but thanks to my OB for making feel like a dumb 1st time prego mom i didn’t react properly) Well Lucky for me i have an amazing midwife this time, who responds quickly, kindly, and with compassion! and i couldn’t feel better about the women who is going to deliver my baby!


One thought on “Love for my midwife

  1. Try using a neti pot for your sinuses. It is just warm saltwater that you pour in one nostril and it (and lots of other scary gross stuff) come out the other one. I used to have sinus and/or allergy problems all year round, but the neti cured me. Not only is it drug-free, but it works better than drugs because there are no side effect and with regularly use, you will drastically reduce occurrences. When you are having problems do it at least twice a day (more if you are really uncomfortable) and do it once a day for maintenance/prevention when you aren’t having problems.


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