Nurture Tuesday

Every Tuesday Harvey and i attend “Nurture” its a moms group at our church similar to MOPS. Today’s Topic was Sarah, more specifically faith while waiting. It was an interesting topic, we talked specifically on how we wait, and what part of our lives we could claim for God. the whole day was pretty impactful for me, it was a good reminder on intentionality. something i strive for very strongly in my family, parenting, and daily life. i By that i mean that we work really hard to claim each moment for God, to remember that he has me and my family where we are at for a reason and to treat the moment and the experiences with the same respect.

Most of the time this works well for us. But there are times when we get caught up in life and forget that we are doing what we do for a purpose. for me this has been routine the last few months. every night before i go to bed i pray for God to help me to see his purpose the next day but then the day comes and again i’m struck down. 

Well today was another reminder, a little note from God. That although where we at isn’t ideal, heck it wasn’t even in our plan, it is where God has us for a purpose. I don’t know what that purpose is, but i know where we at was a complete surrender on both mine and my husbands part. both us broken said ok God we are done trying to do this ourselves so we’ll do it your way, and we’ll that has put us somewhere that may cause us a little anxiety and tension it is the open door to hope, grace, and the Lord’s work. i see that in the baby growing in my belly, the prospects of blessed change in our professional lives after the first of the year, and in the eyes of my son as he pushes himself to new challenges. i know this time, this period will be hard, but i know the period it will bring me to will be blessed beyond my wildest imagination, i just need to not take it in my hands but instead trust the lord to his glorious thing!

So here i wait, wait patiently, and joyously!


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