How long would you go?

I got to wondering last night if baby was proven healthy (heart tones sounded good, mom looked good, fluid levels good all that kinda stuff) then how long would i push off induction? personally i would push it off as long as i could, the way i figure it God must have a reason for me to not birth this baby yet. 

I found a woman only who went 17 months, and i’ve heard that Dr. Bradly himself saw a woman go a year. the average human gestation is actually 41 weeks and 1 day not 40 weeks like we say here in the US. so given that why at 40 weeks do we starting pushing the lines of induction and get out the pitocin and such.

i haven’t done a ton of research but i would imagine that as long as all is well and with baby there should be no reason to worry about going well past your due date.

So how long would you go?


One thought on “How long would you go?

  1. I think 42 weeks will be my max with this baby. I really trust my doctor and would try other means (i.e. having my membranes stripped) before scheduling an induction. I think if baby is done cooking there is nothing wrong with trying to help labor along.


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