I am so excited about a new site called its gonna be an awesome website, but its just getting started so check it out and keep checking it out. So what is ? It’s a resource website for an alternative in birth and parenting. 

The couple who started the site are good friends of mine who have a passion for helping women and parents make informed decisions. They themselves like me have found themselves raising their children and doing things that before baby never came to mind, but also like me they were faced with the challenge of finding good and reliable resources and so the site was born.

The site itself offers links to books, articles, and resources of all kinds that can help you make better informed decisions. it has a community voices blog, that will feature 6 bloggers who will speak on such topics. Babyohm also offers a comprehensive directory of midwives, doulas, classes, Pediatricians, OBs, chiropractors, and so many other birth and parenting professional in all kinds of fields. Within that directory you can view the professional, rate the professional, and read and leave comments on the service you received. You can also find a forum to talk with other like-minded parents as well as a place to share your birth story and hear other birth stories. 

As i said the site is still a baby and just like a baby is still growing and learning. But please check it out, register, and share. If you do have any questions or comments on it please share them with either the admin or myself and i’ll pass along the message.


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