New national Hospital Policy..

So i heard rumor last week of a national policy on the visitors in hospitals so i tried to do some research….

The policy itself appears to vary from hospital to hospital state to state, but generally speaking there is a national initiative that limits the visitors in hospitals. Most hospitals have raised the minimum age of visitors, and limited the number of visitors or barred visitors all together in some cases.

According to the LA times on Oct 20th, here  in Orange county UCI and Kaiser had not yet placed any restrictions but that would change as the outbreak of H1N1 changed. 

Other than that information was limited and hard to find, i even went to the different hospitals websites. If you have more info about here in Orange county please share, i’d love to be able to inform more on the topic but i just couldn’t find anything.

UPDATE: I was able to speak with information at the local Hospitals and this is the current visitor policy:

Hoag Hospital: No change, any # of visitors and visitors of Any age. however masks are available if you must vist, but they ask that if you have any flue symptons u stay home.

Saddleback Hospital: There is still no change in the number of visitors in a room however currently no children not even siblings are allowed in the room in maternity under the age of 16. (Expected to stay this way until March)

Mission Viejo Hospital: Same as Saddleback

St. Jude Hospital: No Change Unless its Sibling children must be atleast 12 years of age, there is no limit on visitors.

St. Joseph Hospital: No change Unless its a sibling Children must be 12 years of age, and there is no limit on visitors. However this is expected to change Dec 1st.


One thought on “New national Hospital Policy..

  1. In the last two weeks I’ve been to Hoag and Saddleback and both did not limit the number of visitors. Both were in the Mother Baby unit and there were 6 of us in my Godsister’s room at Hoag and 10 of us in my friend’s room at Saddleback. Both are enforcing the age of visitors so children under the age of 16 are not allowed unless they are the sibling of the newborn.


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