Much to be thankful for this year!

As i get ready for thanksgiving i watched my husband and my son share in their morning routine of tickles, headbuts, kisses, hugs, and laughter while they got dressed today. and it made me realize how thankful I am. My husband and i have made a lot of choices this year, most of which we have gotten a slack from from family and misc. people. But those choices have been choices of sacrifice. Sacrifices that sometimes were hard to make or were slow to be made and have made life a little more difficult, yes, but sacrifices that are well worth the end result. Because of these choices and sacrifices i get to be home with my son everyday, i get to be here for every up and every down, every smile and every tear, every laugh and every scream. Sometimes its hard, some moments i cry with him, but at the end of the day, or as it was the start of the day today i am so thankful for those choices we have made. No matter how tough it is right now i wouldn’t trade any of it to be away from my son and miss out on who is he is. Sure i could work a 40hr (or as it was a 50/60hr) work week and we could be in a position of owning a house but i would have to do that at the sacrifice of missing my sons first attempts at words, his first time rolling over, the first time he crawled, the first time who stood, and the first time he decided he could walk. I would have missed the first time he danced, and the joy on his face when he discovered that more than just balls can go into his pound it away boat. Yeah i would get to see the later attempts of all of these in that hour i would get to spend with him between 5pm when i would get off work and 6:30 when he goes to bed and on saturdays and sundays. But Its not the same, i know its the same when i see the look on my husbands face when i told him his son said duck and quack quack, or the tears that came to his eyes when i told him Harvey just spent the last 15min in the car saying dada dada dada because he was so excited to have lunch with his daddy. 

My son may not ever be able to say his parents bought him a car, he may not ever get every christmas present or birthday present he ever wanted, Heck we may not ever be able to buy him a whole lot period, but in 20 years when he grows up, he’ll be able to say my mom and dad were there. and for that I am thankful. Today i am thankful to know that i am here and tomorrow i will be thankful that i was here, and someday when i can’t be there anymore he will be thankful that i was here.


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