In about 2hours…

In about 2 hours my heart will stop, why you ask! becuase in exactly 2 hours from now at 1:32am it will mark exactly one year since i woke up my husband, mom, and bestfriend and said “i’m not sure but i think my water have broke” yup 12/13/09 marks the one year anniversary of my first baby’s birth!

The story is long and you can read it about here. But to highlight the day went something like this.. 9pm on 12/12 spoke with christina who asked are you in labor? to which i replied no this baby isn’t gonna come for another month, he is dropped but i think he has a couple more weeks, atleast i hope he does anyway. but if he is gnna come he better come tonight cause i dont want him any closer to christmas! HAHA 🙂 by ten i was in bed with a “tummy ache” at 1am my husband comes to bed and i went to the bathroom. at 1:25 i climbed back into bed at 1:26 i got out of bed to change my sweat pants after i sneezed at 1:26 and 30second sweats soaked and water everywhere:) at 1:30 i scream “tyler i think my water broke!” (yes it took me several minutes to decide that was infact what happened and not jsut that i peed my pants) i then called my mom and my bestfreind so they could then describe to me what it is like when your water breaks so i could be sure, i really wasn’t convinced yet. they convinced me to go get checked so about an hour later i wonder into the hospital and made my way to LDR where  was promptly checked out and hooked up to monitors, i was asked to rate my contractions to which i replied “i dont feel anything” to which the nurse argued “well i can see on the monitor your having a decent contraction” to which i again replied “i don’t feel anything” she then felt my stomach to confirm the monitor was working properly and it was. we went like this for a couple hours me saying i think i feel it, wait maybe not, oh wait here is one, and its gone. there was a lot of laugher and giggling at lack of certiantity in my labor. and then bam! oh man was i working hard! they dont hurt but holy cow were they strong! and then suddenly “someone get the nurse i think i need to push!” and sure enough by 6am my baby boy was in my arms! 4.5hours after my water broke!

it was instant love!

the year went something like this….

Daddy caring baby around in football hold as we packed up our hospital room. we spent a week on lights at Mame’s house for jaundice. we celebrated his first christmas at only 2 weeks old!

by a month we had a beautiful routine down of nursing and napping and going out during the day


at two months he was baptized in the name of the lord.

At 3 months we went to dland as a family for the first time! so fun!!!

at 4 months we started sitting on the potty, learned to roll over and a week before 5months on mothers day to be exact he sat up for the first time.

at 6 months we started on food!!

at 7 months we got our first 2 teeth and had started crawling.

on his 8 month birthday we found out he was gonna be a big brother.

at 9 months he was standing and trying to walk without holding on.

at 10months we moved, Harv mastered walking furniture and discovered the cell phone and calling daddy!

at 11 months we are talking up a storm, he can say Dad, George, Dog, Tree, Duck, that, no, hi. and just yesterday he stood without holding onto anything, clapped for the first time and said up, and cut his 6th tooth!

Where has this year gone? what happen to that baby boy so tiny in my arms, who would sleep in my lap and stare up at me. the baby boy who i use to just sit and watch sleep for hours on end? at what point did my baby go from being my baby to being a boy? and at what point will he come a little man? a grown man? why does time goes this fast? for now for this moment i am going to sit and savor my photos, my journal, and my memories of my little boy who will so quickly be grown even more!!!!


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