Handmade Christmas

I was a busy elf this season which of course kept me from blogging anything birth or mommy related for the last month. But starting January 1st i’ll be back to focusing on my doula certification and blogging birth stuff. 

until then i wanted to share with you what our handmade christmas looked like… (BTW the only gift purchased besides a couple of thrift store finds for my hubby and a new sewing book for me was a wooden train set to go with the train table we made for harvey, otherwise, everything else we did was handmade! how cool is that!!!)

Anyway i’ll jsut share a few of the items i really liked but you can find them all on my craft blog (i’ve been posting one a day, including how to’s on some of them).

For Harvey i made puppet show theater for the doorway (not yet pictured or blogged)

i also made him a plush alphabet and some books.

Harvey and I made some handprint embroidery hoops for grandmas the clock for daddy.

Ties for the men in our lives…

both big and small.

and like i said so much more!!! about 30 hours worth more of sewing!!!! ( i haven’t even finished blogging it all!!!)


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