Breastfeeding Baby Jesus

I cam across this awesome video today on the Facebook page for peaceful parenting. It’s a song that i just love!!! and have loved for a couple of christmas’ now. Something that has really impacted me over the last 3 christmas’ was  Mary herself and just the enormity of what she went through. and I have also sat and wondered what it was like to be in her shoes. especially over the last year as i have held my own baby, i can only image how amazing it was for her to hold her baby. Anyway this video struck a cord in me and i just had to share it. Breastfeeding is such an amazing bond, one that i can not explain. i know all mothers bottle or breastfeed bond with their baby’s in a way no one can understand. But i have found that when my baby is at breast is such a different feeling then when he is drinking from a bottle. and to think that Mary had no option but to nurse her baby, has never struck me as powerful as it today. to imagine what it would have been like to be in her shoes to know that she was giving life and food to God!!! What an amazing task and purpose, I can only imagine how powerful that was for it, it gives me goosebumps. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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