Since you all know i’m big on the breastfeeding i wanted to share a contest with you that i just entered. The prize is a Hygeia pump. These are the most amazing pumps, they are far better than madela and worth the money if your gonna breastfeed! My favorite part is they are also more hygenic than a madela pump making them last longer and safer for use for longer periods of time (example of the course of multiple children, or to lend to a friend!) you can find out more about the pumps themselves on the Hygeia website or enter the contest yourself at family Licious reviews

I know pumping sounds like a lot work, but if your nursing just pumping once a day or once every few days can give you enough milk to get that little break you may need or want. For me i obviously can’t nurse when i’m at a birth so pumping when i get home and then storing that milk for daddy’s usage when i’m gone next is a big deal! and pumping only takes 15 minutes.

Just remember though that pumping should not be used as a measurment for how much milk baby is getting. some women respond well to pumps some don’t but pumps pump different than baby nurses so there is no comparison. A baby can get its entire feeding in the first 3-5 minutes! while you could pump for 15min and only get an 1oz. trust me i know! If you are concerned about how much milk baby is transfering visit a local Lactation specialist and do a before and after weight to see how much the baby transfers per breast at a single serving. this should give you an idea of how much baby is getting in a day. but remember baby might eat 8oz one serving and 4 the next, its all relative to their individual needs.

Happy pumping! and be sure to check out the giveway and win one of the best pumps on the market!


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