infant carrier or baby wearing?

I read an awesome post today about Infant carriers and how they affect our babys. It got me thinking about how my husband and i handled using the infant carrier versus wearing our son. 

We like most parents own an infant carrier. we spent a lot of time selecting the one we liked (we aren’t big animal print people and pastels, so to find the black and tan we wanted was a little work). But we have our awesome infant seat which snaps onto our awesome stroller and snaps onto our even more awesome swing at home. But unlike most parents we see our son spent very little time in the infant seat. we worked hard and made every effort to only keep our son in the infant seat out of the car if he was asleep. I mean who wouldn’t do that, my son is/always was a great sleeper but with a newborn baby who really wants to risk taking him out of the seat and depriving him of his sleep. I am sure there were the occasional times when out of the need to run a quick errand my son would be awake in his seat or a lot of times my son would even wake up while were out. But on the average if he was awake when we got out of the car he was put into my wrap or into the bassinet that we had that snapped onto our stroller. Heck we even got good at transferring him out of the carrier and into my moby without disturbing his sleep for church and other times when we didn’t want to push around the stroller. 

I never thought much of this routine, this was just what we did. We both like to wear our son, we like having him close to us and he liked to be worn. plus we hated carrying that stupid heavy seat! So when i came across Peaceful parenting’s post on infant car seats I thought I would share some of the reasons why you should wear baby instead of using the infant seat….

1) rise in flat-head syndrome. This rise is mostly contributed to the fact that baby’s are now placed on their back to sleep to reduce SIDs. But it can be reduced by increased tummy time and increased time of being held or worn and not being stuck in an infant seat, bouncers, & swings where their little heads are still flat against the seat.

2)Your Chiropractor will love you…. Infant seats are heavy and along with that and the awkwardness of carrying most infant seats (even if you do use a stroller to push them) this can really screw up or put unnecessary strain on your back or shoulder. The position baby sits/sleeps in can also mess with his/her little spine.

3) this was the biggest reason for us to wear our baby… TOUCH!! Baby’s need touch so badly to help them feel secure, safe and to grow. if they spend their day going from bouncer seat, to car seat, to swing then you and them miss out on those little opportunities throughout the day to hold and love on each other!

4) and the biggest reason to reduce infant carrier usage….Restricted Breathing…the sitting position for newborns can restrict their breathing and could even cause death according to research done in Canada and New Zealand. According to the chief of pulmonary pediatrics in Massachusetts “Car seats and car beds can result in mild respiratory compromise in a bout 20% of newborns.”

So next time you are tempted to carry baby into the store in his/her infant carrier, ask yourself is this really a necessary time or would my wrap/sling/ergo be a better option?

And I leave you with this… While researching the risks of using the infant seat too much I did come across a great safety suggestion that I plan to implement in our car and I would recommend to you… Attach a luggage tag to your car seat with your baby’s important information in it. (Name, address, allergies, blood type, doctor, emergency contact) This way if God forbid you were in an accident and couldn’t speak emergency respondents and caregivers would have pertinent and necessary information at their finger tips.


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