Latest in Birthing News

Life has been crazy so forgive me for being behind the last two weeks on posting. I have been reading about a lot of amazing birth and some crazy birthing stuff going on the last few months and i wanted to share some of it.

I’ll give you the crazy first. 🙂  I am sure most of you have already heard the story as it was on CNN but Joy Sazbo, a mother of now 4 was almost court ordered into an unnecessary caesarean. Joy’s second child was delivered via a c-section with the 3rd a VBAC and when it came to deliver number 4, her local hospital told her that they had a change in policy which would no longer allow them to deliver VBAC baby’s. That to me is just crazy especially considering she has already had a complication free VBAC at that hospital! To get around hospital Policy Joy planned to move into an apartment far away from home to get the birth she wanted. Go Joy! where there is a will there is a way. I love seeing moms fight for the birth they want!

Now the amazing! A vaginal Triplet Birth! and it was a VBAC! A multi baby vaginal birth is practically unheard of now a days let alone a multi baby VBAC and this amazing mother vaginally delivered 3! oh and did i mention the third was footling breech as well. how awesome is that, this mom did what is practically impossible in our birthing culture!!! She did have an epidural but not for the reasons you would think, but rather incase there was an emergent need for the OB to reach up and pull out baby #3. This mom deserves props for having the courage and strength to deliver these 3 amazing baby’s!

Have you heard other amazing birth stories recently? I’d love to hear them!


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