Start out of Black

I am a wife and a mother of 2 for now. I haven’t been married long but i love my husband very much and my world would be turned upside down without him. About a month ago i found out that my husband had an affair with another women. I came across text messages in his phone and discovered the affair. I was in shock to say the least but i have some amazing friends who stepped up and walked us through the first steps when i didn’t know what to do. By God’s grace he already laid out the path for both my husband and i. Not only to end the affair but for us to heal from it and have a stronger marriage out of it. It will be a process i know, one that will take a very long time! But we are on the path this i know and so this blog is my place to share, unknown to others, about the journey. A place for me to safely share my thoughts and tears, and hopefully one day the success of our journey.


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