God’s prepwork

Unknowns to us God started working long before the black of my marriage came to surface. It was really neat to see, encouraging actually. It took a few days for us to realize all (or at least all of what we know).

The simplest thing he did, was set our plans for the evening of our discovery…. we are best Friends with a few other couples, but all of us with young children it is hard to find any time for everyone to get together let alone all of us do dinner but that night we just happen to have plans to do just that at someones house. it worked perfect since the first phone call i made upon discovery was to the girl I’m closest with. (something that came without thought, but had i thought it through its not my personality to call and share something like this. Holy spirit obviously took control here!)
The biggest thing God did was prepare my heart. I come from a once a cheater always a cheater attitude, and our culture doesn’t do much to change that. Even in Christian culture an affair is thought to be justifiable reason to divorce. (One friend was so kind to point that out) But when i came face to face with my husband having an affair(even if it is emotional) my first response was not to divorce but rather that i didn’t want to loose my husband. I can only count my blessings on this and so can my husband. We can’t excuse it as anything less than an act of God. I can even see how he prepared my heart for such a response. It started with my weekly prayer/thankfulness at my church moms group.Everyweek since we began the fall semester every week i have been thankful for my husband even when i didn’t really feel grateful. but that act of obedience taught me to be grateful for the things that my husband does do. 
God also prepared my heart by bringing me the most amazing friend a few months ago who shared an amazing verse. At first i thought the verse was sweet and applied to our financial/living/work situation but then on Saturday morning after the news the verse (which had be written our our bathroom mirror for a few weeks for me to read in the morning) was an AHAH! the verse which reads “I’m leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart, the peace i give isn’t fragile like the peace the world gives so do not be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27. that verse has been my peace over the last month, it has left peace in my heart to know that my situation is in God’s hands and he has prepared the path, prepared my heart, and prepared my husband to begin his own process of redemption. 
And with that i leave you with a peace that only he can give you, one that lays your path before you whatever your path is.

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