OB interview

the last 2 months my husband and i have been faced with the fun challenge of deciding who to continue prenatal care with and how to appeal the insurance company for the coverage we desire.

midwives are covered under our plan and back when we got prego the midwife of our choice was covered in network, we were so excited! i even called 3 times to confirm what the insurance company covered and what part we would pay to be reassured each time it would be the same cost as if we went to the OB. So we went with the midwife, So excited!!!! Then december came and when i went to get it in writing that the birth center was covered we learned the midwife had been dropped from the network! not even the midwife knew!!! So we started the process of filling out the paperwork but also preparing for the possibility that we may need to transfer care to an OB.

So we made some calls and finally a couple weeks ago found an OB that said she would take me. so we scheduled an apt with her in march. Then last week i was sick so the doctors in her office peaked their heads in on me all week and then i met with her this week for a follow-up and our first prenatal. 

OH MAN! let’s say we will not be staying with her. Thankfully she was honest with us and told me that she didn’t think our birthing philosophies would line up. but how she told me that was so uncalled for! She was rather rude and told me she couldn’t understand why anyone would choose a homebirth. She told me that she knows more about birth and basically that she would know how to manage my labor better than i would (even though i already know what my body does in labor). but the conversation ended well and we came to an agreement that as long as in the interventions were necessary and she could prove to me that they were than she wouldn’t get an argument for me, she seemed to respect that and so we were good to go and she agreed to treat me. 

So we continued on with our prenatal, where she seemed rather shock that i was had received full care from my midwife 🙂 But none the less we went on and she told me that second births are usually faster. I smiled and said i know that’s what scares me! 🙂 I told her how fast my first was and how it was painless. i told her i really didn’t feel anything until i was already in transition, even though the nurse could see what she called intense contractions on the  monitors. So here comes the part the reason we won’t be staying with her… Her response was “Well in that case i don’t know how to advice you, so I would recommend inducing” 

WHAT!?!?! How is that Medically necessary? because you are scared of natural labor, and because i will most likely show up ready to push and cutting it close like i did the first time around, you want to induce labor? CRAZY!

That was my first personal interaction with an OB who truly didn’t trust the body and the women to do what she was made to do and it shocked me! So we are back to praying for our insurance to cover our midwife and birth center. And a valuable lesson is learned, first apt with any OB…… question about their birthing philosophies. Its nice to think that they will agree to their birth plan and they may say ok but when it comes down to it, their recommendations may be different.


2 thoughts on “OB interview

  1. Wow!!! I cannot believe that! you’ll have to let me know who that was so I can stay really far from them. I need to chat with you about what you went through to have your insurance cover your midwife. I really want a HVAC


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