Lent is upon us and again i am at a loss for what to give up. for two Years in a row i have been wanting to do a food fast (i did one a few years ago for 40 days and it really helped put things into prospective for me) but again i find myself in a position where i can’t do a food fast. So i’ve been racking my brain left and right trying to decide what is it that keeps me from God. Sure it would be great to do a spending fast like i read about on our RockHarbor nurture blog (to which i am not a contributor). But given the way things are for us right now, $ is not the thing that keeps me from God. No the thing that keeps me from him is my time. 

Given the last 6 months and all the downsides to it i have thrown myself into projects to make me feel better and to occupy my mind rather than throw myself into prayer. and so for Lent i am giving up my time.

what does that mean exactly? Right now the way my day goes Nap time is mommy time and all other time is Harvey time (chores are done during harvey time and bills are bed jsut before bed time, and Hubby time is well his day’s off) So for lent i am going to be intentional about devoting an hour a day to God. It may not be the same time everyday but there will be a set hour aside for prayer and word. To keep me accountable i am going to post about God’s hour on my blog. It may just be a sentence or two but i will post about it to hold myself accountable sacrificing my time for the God who gave his whole life for me!

What are you giving up for lent?


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