God moment

So i had one of those really bad/good parenting moments. you know the kind where your left with a warmed heart but it was at the hand of you being an idiot. 

I’m a yeller, i just am, i know it, i work on it but when my buttons are pushed I always end up yelling. and yesterday i had had enough! Harvey is cutting a molar and is just fussy, and by the end of the day all he wanted was his daddy and his daddy was off doing something that was in and of itself a frusteration for me. and So the whining just pressed my buttons. I was tired and not feeling well and i couldn’t take it anymore and so i was yelling for my husband and begging my son to stop. which he did for a second before starting in again. I looked at him and i loudly (not quite yelling loud but loudly) pleased “PLLLLLEEASE Harvey STOP!!!!!” and then i barried my head in my hands hoping he would and feeling defeated. 

And then came that moment! the moment only God could ordain. My son instead of crying for being snapped at as he had been doing all day. Stopped what he was doing, came over to me. climbed in my lap and gave me the biggest hug!

It melted me and humbled me. I hugged him back and thanked him for the hug. I apologized for snapping and told him how much i loved him. 

The whole thing just blew me away, here i am mom totally loosing it and here is my 14 month old who can’t really say a whole lot of words but yet he comprehended enough of that moment to know that mommy needed a hug really bad.

What a blessing and what a tangible example of God’s love!


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