So I won 3 blogging awards this week! how fun is that!! All three were given to me by an awesome Midwife in training and one of my favorite twitter friends Kacey, whose blog I recommend checking out (she keeps up much better than me and always has great things to share). Thank you Kacey!!!

Anyway the awards i got were…

In which in return for winning i have to share 7 facts about myself and nominate 7 other blogs…

So the facts: 

1. i love sit-ups and crunches. I don’t know why but i love them!!! i always have it must have stemed from my hip hop teacher when i was 10 who made us do tons at the beginning of class.

2. i love to travel, and take the subway in foreign countries. the best was Italy where i couldn’t read the subway map but still managed to find my way.

3. I literally did Rome in a day. I know they say it’s not possible but i did it! i visited very major tourist attraction and walked the entire city in one day!!! it was not enough though i can’t wait to go back some day.

4. I met my husband while on a missions trip with our church and i thought there is no way I’d ever date that guy I’m not his type/style but he’s cute. Turns out he decided to go on the trip i was going because he thought I was cute!

5. I love hot things Hot! and cold things Cold! hence my obsession with Ice cubes. I must have ice in my drink at all times unless its hot chocolate (that’s the only hot drink I drink). 

6. I don’t like lights. like overhead lighting. it annoys me i prefer lamps and i hate the new bulbs i like the old yellowish glow ones. I’m all for softer lighting.

7. I love Metallica! 

(my 7 nominees are to come)

Rules: Accept award, and link and thank the one who nominated you for it. then pass along to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. (Nominees to come!)

and Award #3

Rules for the sunshine award: Accept, thank, share, and pass only to 12 bloggers.

Thanks Kacey for the awesome awards and now to pass them along….. And in the same nature as the previous recipients everyone gets all 3 awards!!! (and FYI its a mix of crafters and birth bloggers because for those that don’t know when I’m not at a birth or reading birth stuff i am busy crafting/sewing away!)

1. Because she is so crafty and Giving! This momma makes stuff

2. Because she has a heart after God! My Happily Ever After

3. Because these are the stories that need to be told! the Perils of Hospital Birth

4. and these are the practitioners we need to stay away from! My OB said What!

5. not because she gave them to me but because she truly fits all 3 and she is so awesome to share her expertise! Hearts and Hands

6. Because she is one talented, green, multi-tasking mommy! Jesi Haack weddings

7. Another Talented Mommy! Mary Janes and Galoshes

8. Because she inspires me! Ruffles and Stuff

9. Because she fights for birth! Momotics

10. Because its helpful information on Natural parenting! Nature Moms

11. Because she is one smart lady with an awesome store!  The Belly Sprout

12. and because she keeps me sane! Alysia juanita


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