update on baby levi

Today was our 34 week check up with our midwife (who by the way thanks to tons of prayers insurance is going to cover!!!). Anyway she confirmed he is breach and so she wants us to get started on trying to get him turned. (which we had kinda already started around here) So we are in for an intense couple of weeks at the chiropractor on the inversion table, along with going to the acupunctureist on monday to start on herbal pressure point process. Everyone seems really optimistic we are starting early (most OBs wait until your 36 weeks to even think about it) and he still has a ton of water around him meaning he has lots of room to turn!!! Then on the 15th we have our next apt and if he is still breech then we will schedule an e-version, which means we will go to a high risk OB and he will manually try to turn the baby. But he won’t do that until the baby is 37 weeks. so we are praying that he can hold out that long if he decides not to turn. (March 27th we will be exactly 37 weeks)


2 thoughts on “update on baby levi

  1. Good luck, I hope your little one turns for you. I am currently 39 weeks, and my baby was breach until right before I turned 36 weeks. One evening all of a sudden she just turned, and it felt great lol.


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