lent follow-up

so the last week hasn’t been as good as i woulda liked but i didn’t get in some good prayer time and have been reading my helpmeet book. these weeks them is to be thankful so i’m working on that……

I’m thankful for a husband who takes care of his son, who helps with the diaper changes, meals, packing diaper bags, and putting baby down all to make my life a little easier. 

I’m thankful for parents who have given us a place to stay while we sorted out finances and waited out my husbands hours being cut.

I’m thankful my husband has a job to go to.

I’m thankful i have a place to go with amazing Godly women on Tuesdays.

I’m thankful for God, my church.

I’m thankful for my boy especially when he pushes me to the max with his lack of nap cause that is when he is also the sweetest full of hugs and kisses!

I’m thankful for the discomfort i feel right now because it means i’ve been blessed with the privilege to grow a baby.

I’m thankful for this blog because it means i have a mind that i am expanding (reading and sharing what i know about birth, mothering, God)

I’m thankful for so much more but now i am tired and headed off to bed or to sew I don’t know I just know today was one of those no nap days and i need some mommy time. 🙂


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