New Blog, welcome

So this is actually a new blog. after a year of blogging i realized that my previous blogs were overlapping in topics and had taken on new lives different from their original intentions, and so i decided to start this blog. So welcome to Intentional Motherhood!

So what and why intentional motherhood? I have never been as much concerned with whether or not decisions are good or bad but more concerned with them being intentional. What might be good for me hasn’t always been good for those around me. but i have learned that even when they are viewed as bad my decisions were good becuase something good came out of it. and so i am big on being intentional. Intentional meaning well researched and well thought.

With that said, this blog will cover things from birthing, to mothering, family time, my walk with God and the things i learn, and my journey as a wife. There may be things you may not agree with, i may make choices you wouldn’t make. That is ok those are my choices and your choices, but my INTENTION is to offer a perspective and hopefully be a resource for moms still searching for the right choice for them. Because i believe its not about the choice itself but rather that you have ALL the information from both sides and then make the choice that is best for you.


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