flipping breech baby #1

So my #2 is breech and well he is giving us a run for our money but boy am i learning a lot about breech and transverse presentation. He started out at his 18 week ultrasound being transverse, and although this means nothing at that point in gestation it got me to do some research just incase this kid decided to be difficult. I learned that less than 20% of baby’s who are transverse at 37 weeks will still be transverse at the time labor begins. However, an external version can be done on a transverse baby to encourage it moving it into the vertex position, but if that doesn’t work and baby doesn’t move on his own at labor then a c-section would be necessary. (info found at Birthing naturally)

My #2 however has decided he doesn’t know what position he wants to be in and so my research has grown beyond the transverse and into the breech presentation.

There are three types of breech: Frank breech (Butt down legs go straight up), complete breech (baby sitting cross-legged) and footling (one or both feet down). only 7% of babies are breech at 38 weeks and 3-4% at 40 weeks. Which is good odds, as that means most babies who are already not head down will turn head down on their own at 37 weeks.

Most midwives from what i have read do believe that its important around the early 30 weeks of pregnancy to start doing some exercises to help encourage baby move into the breech position. at about 34/35 weeks is one my midwife started recommending i  started doing what i could. We started working with the chiropractor, my chiropractor started with inversion and adjustments. My midwife also recommending calling a local acupuncturist to try muxabustion (which has around an 80-90% success rate of turning babies when performed prior to the 36th week.)

Of course my son the day before we were suppose to go to the acupunturist turned head down. well long enough for us to cancel the acupuncturist. 🙂 and then the following week he was back to breech. so nice of him huh?!?!? and so back we went at it, inversion table, scheduled acupunturist and now home exercises. 

Home exercises? what did we do? we started by checking out Spinning Babies and then we read flyers given to us by both the midwife and the chiropractor. some of the exercises recommended include pelvic rocks, knees to chest position and breech tilts. 

We did the breech tilt two different ways at home (first with pillows under my butt and my feet up on the couch. and the second with  my knees on the couch and my chest on the ground (this way was a bit more comfy for me). either way its important that the chin is tucked into chest to keep the spine in line. these excercise should be done 3 times a day for 20 min at a time. 

We did the breech tilts mixed with the inversion table 3 times a day for 3 days i think and then the night before we were suppose to go the acupunturist #2 was head down again! and so again no Muxabustion for us. 

Then came monday (another 4 days later and now 36 weeks) we arrived at the midwife to learn that baby is again breech! and so we are back at the inversion and now the recommendation is for us to have an external cephalic version performed.

so we went today to have baby measured, my fluid level checked, and to make sure we are a candidate which we are so we are scheduled for Tuesday. And praying that the third time is a charm. So now I’m off  to research external versions…..


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