Intentional Brothering

Nothing warms my heart more than to see my son (16 months) being intentional in his day to day activities. He doesn’t know what it means to be intentional, he can’t say the word, heck he can’t say most words; So when i see him act with such loving Godly intention it makes my heart burst. Whether it is turn off his own lights and climb into his bed at bedtime without being told, or pull out his bible (a nightly event) and read before bed, or had us his bible board books, whatever it is i thank God for a child who seeks after the holy spirit.

I never imagined though how proud i could be when our newest arrival came. i never in a million years could have imagined what an intentional big brother Harvey would be. From the second he met his little bro he gave him a kiss and rubbed his sweet head with such joy.

When he was just 24 hours Daddy was rocking the sweet boy who was fussing and little Harvey climbed up into daddy’s lap nestled his head between his daddy and brother and started patting his brothers back just like daddy was.

The first morning we woke up at home Harvey came into our room and climbed up the side of the pack n play where Levi was sleeping just so he could see him. We quickly moved his step stool there. the second morning we were woken but the sound of fast moving hands and knees racing from his room through the door, through our door and across our floor only to see a little head pop up on the step stool and pear over the side of the pack n play with such let down when he realized Levi was not asleep in there.

And then this morning as he stood in that same spot watching his brother sleep he looked up at me and told me SHHHHH!

It is so clear that his heart is warm and open. That his love for his brother is strong. I feel so blessed to have a boy with such a kind heart, a heart for jesus, a heart to loves so dearly for his family, and acts so intentionally at such a young age.

Thank you Jesus for filling this boy’s spirit and for blessing us with the privilege of raising him!


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