Intentional Friendship #2

Along with friendship from Jamie and Alysia i have two other freinds who have greatly blessed me this season in my life. They have sat and listened to me, they have prayed for me, and they to have gone above and beyond the normal scope of “friendship” to be there for me when i felt very alone.

The First is Leslie she is amazing! This lady and i have been friends for only about a year if that. We met at a moms group and we hit it off over the fabric of my nursing cover! It was downhill after that hours of sewing chatter, crafting (a few unfinished projects and a couple unattempted because we were chatting to much), and photos photos photos. Leslie is an amazing photogrpher and she takes the most amazing photos and she has snuck in a few of my boys when we have played. She has made me meals, sent goodies to the hospital, and sat and listened to me when i needed a friend. But above all the reason she is so special to me the reason i hope to return the favor of intentionality to her is because she has prayed for me. She has prayed with me to and i am so appreciative. But her and her husband have both sat and prayed for me and my family. There is something special knowing that someone is praying for you. My husband who had only met leslie in passing and never met her husband, commented the other night as we left dinner at their house about how it touched him that we were listed on their chalkboard as someone to pray for. We chatted about how amazing it is to hear Leslie say that her hubby told her that her “we need to pray for x y and z” as we spent the day at the hospital having the c-section i was terrifed to have. and We both jsut counted ourselves so blessed to know that this amazing Godly couple counted us important enough to pray so intentionally over our family.

The second friend is Christina, (In the center). She is part of our little family/friendship circle She is Alysia’s SIL. I met her for the first time the day we announced we were pregnant (the first time) to our friends. and well our freindship has just grown from there. She was has been around to see my family go from 2 to 4, our children are BFFs, She happens to be my back up doula, we do bible study together, and she is a huge part of our daily life just like the other 2. Christina is one of those friends who i know i will always be able to count on, she has offered to help in so many ways wether it be to drive me to and from church right now while i’m recovering or to watch Harvey for me. She is always willing to sit in silence and just give me a hug as i cry, and This crazy lady came and stayed the night with me (Levi’s first night) because my hubby couldnt be there. How amazing is that! I feel so blessed to have a friend who is so intentional with her time and blesses me with it.

I am so blessed by all the people God puts in my life. Each person wether they be friend, family, or foe has a purpose in my life. These four friends have so much purpose they have taught me to trust beyond my normal line of trust, and they have been my rocks during this season in my life, and they have inspired me. They have blessed me with Godly love beyond what i could ask and for that i hope i can return the favor!


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