Intentional Friendship

I read the most lovely post today from an amazing women i am lucky enough to call my freind but she is more than that she is my family.  You know the kind of family i’m talking about… those people in your life who you wish were a relative you love them that much. Anyway she posted this great Flash back Friday post about us girls and our boys. and well after the tears fell i was inspired to write about my amazing girls! oddly enough they have been conversation this weekend between my hubby and me for the exact reason i’m inspired to share about them…

Here we are Pre kids (and me pre-married).

I met them in September of 2006 (they were both already married). We were all brought together by our husbands, who were all friends before any of us were in the picture. I remember meeting them the first time, we had lunch at wahoos. i wasn’t sure what to expect and i was super nervous meeting my husbands freinds who were all married. Somehow that was more intimdating than meeting single friends, i think because married friends analyze you as marriage material. Anyway shortly after meeting them my husband and i were engaged and quickly these girls became my 2 of my very best friends.

We have been together through so much! They were there through my wedding helping me with little things, encouraging me when it was stressfull. They were there through my husband’s EX (she is a story all in herself 🙂 ) We have seen eachother through the ups and downs of  job hunting, budget crunches, moves, a lose of a baby, the joys of being pregnant together and raising our sons. We have spent countless hours laughing till it hurt over a game of taboo (girls vs. guys of course). We have sat in prayer for eachother and with eachother. We have cooked for eachother’s families the picky eaters with special requests and all. But at the end of the day i feel in debt to these amazing women.

They have blessed me and my family beyond anything i could ever have asked or imagined. They have sat with me and prayed with me over the last 6 months as i worked through my place in my marriage. They have watched my son countless times for me without asking anything in return simply so my husband and i could spend much needed time together. They have prayed for my family and encouraged us as we go through this season of low lows and high highs. and They each have blessed me in so many other amazing ways in my life, my marriage, our friendship; ways i can’t even begin to share but so unique to the heart God gave them.

To me an Intentional friend is something i strive to be. to me is is defined by someone who puts aside their needs to support/encourage the needs of their friend. who provides a listening ear and prayer at any hour. who offers a hug or a kleenex when its needed most. an intentional friend is one who can laugh with you when there is nothing left to do. But an intentional friend is also one who shares in your joys. Who spends hours with you shopping, crafting, chatting. She is the one you can laugh with years later about that crazy madlib you once did on a roadtrip, or who can laugh with you about that time you pealed out in the minivan. She is the one who you are bursting to share the news with that your pregnant and she is the one that you sit in the hospital waiting room for in the middle of hte night wide awake to excited to fall asleep becuase she is having her first baby, and the one who drives to the hospital at 10pm to sit with you because your nurse is freaking you out and your all alone.

These women have been a blessing on my life, and i can only hope to give to them what they have given to me over the last 3 1/2 years.


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