Adventures in Tandem Nursing

I started 3 weeks ago on the adventure of tandem nursing my boys. I am so excited! I heard a lot of comments while i was prego about needing to wean Harvey, or how he would get jealous of the new baby nursing, lots of comments that made me a little nervous. My gut however, said keep going, keep nursing, when he is ready to wean he will and in the meantime tandem nursing will work out well. So i stuck with my gut and i managed to keep Harvey nursing all through my pregnancy so we could arrive at the day of tandem nursing.

here was are 3 weeks in and i’m loving it!!! First of all my milk in was in within a few hours of my surgery, so little levi had the liquid gold the first night he was here. Luckly little boy! and he is growing like a weed. i’m sure this is more my confidence than the tandemness but this kid eats fast, in like 15-20 min he is done, Harv was like 40 minutes a session and each session during the day could be back to back.

Harvey is doing great with it to. he totally gets that levi needs to eat and is more than happy to wait his turn. He even tells me that levi needs to nurse (usually when levi either just finished or is sound asleep, but still, he knows that’s how levi gets his food).  Harv has not had a single meltdown, jealous, crazy moment like i was warned.

So far 3 weeks in the tandem nursing is going well, and i am glad i trusted my gut! Have any of you tandem nursed what was your experience?


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Tandem Nursing

  1. Good for you! I was never able to nurse my babies very long, but if things would’ve been different I would have LOVED to tandem nurse. I think it’s awesome that you stuck with your gut! Mama’s intuition is right more often than not!


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