Day 3, 4, 5, 6

Yes i am a few days behind we were off seeking the lord on thursday and friday asking where he would have us go next in my husbands job and where we live, and then yesterday we celebrated our new little boy and introduced him to friends and family. So here we are today on mother’s day and i am looking back at things that have inspired me the last few days!

Day 3: Imagination/Dreams! i think it is so important to look towards something it keeps us going, keeps us alive, and keeps our minds going. I don’t know what this little man was thinking but his wheels were turning!

Day 4: Sharing- yes my bud was sharing with his best budd and feeding him goldfish! such a good reminder of how to love they neighbor!

Day 5: Christ’s Love- I love the lord but more so he loves all of us, whether we are fresh and innocent and have a new childlike faith or have seen the world and its made its mark he still loves us and is always seeking us!

Day 6: Motherhood: Whether its my mom or my boys, everyday the job i have of being a mom is inspiring to me. I look at the moms around me and my mom and i learn new things and i look at my kids and they to are always teaching me something new.

( i obviously didn’t take the photo of my mom and I, it was taken by our awesome wedding photographers, Harvard photography)

Well that is what has been inspiring me this weekend! what has been inspiring you?


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