Tonight was the first time i was able to participate in the #bfcafe party on twitter. It was great. Its every thursday night from 10-11 EST so if you get a chance you should join in the conversation! Tonights topic was 5 things you need to know before you started nursing. I saw chats that covered weaning, pumping, supplementing. There were a couple of things i took out of conversation that i wanted to share…..

1) Find an LC and use them! no matter how old your kid wether they are 1 day or 14 months go to them. But be careful when finding an LC look into what their training is. Hospital LCs are great and can be the cheapest but a lot of times they are just nurses whos only Lactation training is a quick seminar on nursing basics. Other LCs have extensive training but their price can range. Either way i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. fight for your nursing relationship and seek help!!!

2) Milk storage- oh liquid gold! its such a tragedy to have pumped and not used the milk or thought it went back. So if your a pumping mom here is a guidline of how long your milk will typically last (remember its just a guideline, look at your milk before serving and trust your instincts…) Per Shari Crisco Breast Milk is good at room temp 8-10 hours, fridge 8 days and freezer 3-4 mo!

So if you were to tell a new mom a few things she needs to know before she begins nursing what would you tell her? and be sure to check out the #BFCAFE on twitter next thursday!


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