Random facts from the Pediatrician

One of the things i love about our pediatrician is that almost every well baby check he gives us some random bit of medical news. It’s usually really random but always informative.

Last summer we learned about nano particles in sunscreen. Basically sunscreen manufactures have started adding nano particles to make it so the sunscreen will rub in easier. However this is not without risk and so our pediatrician has recommended that we use sunscreens without the nano particles. You can read more on it here in this 2006 article.

Today We learned about a possible correlation of Pesticides and ADHD. You can read about it here at CBS. There is a ton of research still needed and there is no direct link but a correlation is being shown.

We also learned today that High fructose corn syrup contains mercury. During a discussion of when my oldest could start eating fish. My pediatrician shared that his only concern was the amount of mercury in fish he pointed out however  that since “the HFCS contains mercury it wouldn’t be that much different.” 🙂 you can read some more about on WebMD.

All of this was just another reminder to my husband and i how important it is to read labels and be aware of the things we are not only consuming ourselves but the things our children eat and come in contact with. We can’t prevent it all but we can be more aware of our environment.


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