Cloth Diapering

A friend of mine decided to take the plunge today and she ordered her first cloth diapers. This led to into a whole conversation and I thought hmmm i should post these questions with my answers and ask other cloth mamas to respond cause i know my friend isn’t the only one who is taking the plunge and has questions. So if you are thinking of cloth diapering post your questions and read along. If you are a cloth diapering mama please feel free to chime in!

What are the different types of cloth diapers:

Prefolds- These are probably what most of you think of when you think cloth diapers. They require a cover and usually some kind of fastner.

AIO- All in one, the way i would describe it its the most like a disposable, there is no insert, no liner, no learning curve. you just put on go about your day take it off and wash and repeat!

AI2- All in two. This is usually a water proof cover which has a cloth insert/doubler that lays inside.

Pocket diapers- Similar to an AI2 in that it is an outer cover and on the inside there is a pocket which your insert/doubler is stuffed into.

Fitted Diapers- These are a cloth diaper that will require a cover like a prefold but it is already shaped like a diaper and doesn’t usually require a fastner.

What kid of diapers are in your stash?

we have mix of gro-via diapers which are a hybrid AI2 system. In them you can use either a cloth insert which snaps in or a bioinsert which lays inside and can then be flushed/composted/trashed. We also use G-diapers which again is another type of hybrid system. Beyond that we use bamboozels (a fitted) and fuzi bunz & swaddle bees (both pocket diapers). We tend to save our fitteds and pockets for bedtime not that our AI2 aren’t absorbant enough but we have found the bamboo and hemp tend to be espically absorbant and or son seems to feel dryer and as a result wakes less often. WHAT ABOUT OTHER CLOTH MAMA’S WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR STASH?

What kind of detergent do you use?

In our house we have used both tiny bubbles and Charlies soap. and tomorrow i plan to make a home made laundry soap using this recipe i got at Soulemama

Homemade Laundry Powder
(Makes approximately 5 cups)

2 cups (finely) grated castile soap*
1 cup borax
1 cup baking soda
1 cup soda ash (washing soda)

Mix everything together, and store in an airtight jar. Depending on your water, you might need to adjust the sodas a bit, and the amount used per load. I use 1/8 cup per load. You may need to give the jar a shake once in a while to prevent the soap flakes from settling to the bottom.

When picking your laundry detergent its imporant to really look at the ingredients, certain products can cause a build up and really damage your diapers or cause a rash on baby.  I think has pretty detailed information on how to clean your diapers and what detergents are good and not good. In that resource they also talk about stripping (the process of cutting down the build-up on your diapers). According to greenmountain using charlie’s soap eliminated their need to strip their diapers and i would second that. We have only needed to sprip our diapers once and it was during a time when we weren’t using charlie’s soap. If you do need to strip your diapers check out cloth diapers-made-easy. There you will find instructions on how to strip including adittional tips for when your diapers are in need of some extra TLC.

How many diapers should one have?

this depends a lot on how often you want to wash diapers and the age of your baby. Typically however this is about how many you need (per cloth planet)….

Wash Daily Every 2 days Every 3 days
Up to 6 Mos. 10-12 20-24 30-36
6-12 Mos. 8-10 16-20 24-30
12-24 Mos. 6-8 12-16 18-24
Potty Learning 2-4 4-8 6-12

If you are using prefolds or fitteds which require a cover you will need one cover for every 3-5 diapers and then always have one extra. Its best to rotate your cover throughout the day so that they can each air out between uses.

With my first we used G-diapers with prefolds in them we had about 20 prefolds and 4 covers. now with number two here we are loving gro-via’s and we have 12 covers and 24 inserts between the two boys. i’d say we do laundry about every 2-3 days. but keep in mind we use fitteds at night. and still have our prefolds to use when we begin to run low.

What other questions do you have? what kind of tips do you have for cloth diaper moms? which brands do you like?


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