The Search

We have begun our search for a church home and for what God has planned is for us here in San Diego. It has been an interesting adventure so far. We prayed God would show us the job he had for Tyler and the next day Tyler was offered a job. Then we prayed that God would show for us the house he had in store for us and the next day we found our home. So then 2 weeks ago this saturday we prayed that God would show us the church and the place he would have us serve. and so we have begun that process of listening for him.

As we begin that process we have found that we are sure of several different things. The first thing we are sure of us that God has called us here and that God has a plan for us. we are also sure that God has asked us to look at a few different churches we aren’t sure why but we know that he wants us to see how he is working in different areas here. and we know that the ultimate goal is for us to do vocational missionary work and that this is the start of equipping us for that.

We started by checking out our first church which we are very excited about. It’s called Journey Community Church and it is one exit passed our house. We attended a sunday morning service and we plan to check out their friday night service this week. They offer 3 different women’s studies groups including mops and a book club. They offer a men’s bible study, Children’s small groups and a married couples ministry. Along with a 20 somethings and 30 somethings ministries. There is so much for us to get involve with so many opportunities for us to grown and learn. We also hope to be able to check out there small groups in the next couple weeks.

Still on our list we plan to check out The rock which was recommended to us by our former church family at RockHarbor, and Kaleo church which our friends attend.

We are very excited about this journey that God is taking us on. We are excited to learn what he desires for us to learn and experience all that he has in store for us.


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