Weanling and nursling

I did know when that word become a way to describe Harvey but its official, well its been official for about a month actually. My little buddy weaned himself. I have mixed feelings about it. My goal was for him to nurse through my pregnancy and we reached the goal i desired to tandem nurse and we did for about 3 months. I had hoped he’d nurse until he was closer to 2. But he has no interest. He had slowly weaned during the course of changes in my breastmilk due to the pregnancy, he had picked back up a bit after Levi was born and my milk came back. and Then one day he asked to nurse and before he could latch he was distracted by something and off and playing and has never come back. He is becoming more of a boy now & he and i still have our cuddles. My heart melts at the memories of him as he is grown and filled my life the last 19 months. the cute little hand down my shirt when he was hungry or he hand on my face while he nursed. The little things that make him him…..

The bright side of it all though is that i seamlessly weaned one nursling to have another one begin nursing. & oh is he a joy. He is not as calm as his brother, he doesn’t just lay in my arms and stare up at me. No this little 4 month old acts like he is going through an 8 month nursing strike. Off and On, Off and On, pacify pacify, burp spit up, off and on and pacify, smile, laugh, off and on. that is our routine. He is constantly trying to watch his brother while he nurses, his hand goes a mile a minute i can barely hold it while he nurses. he hits me. He is a bundle of energy is really what he is. I love it though, although the spitting up is something I’m looking at right now. But the rest I love. I love his character, his personality. I love how it all comes out when he nurses. how he stops to talk and say hi to us and then goes back to eating. He does fall asleep just like Harv but not nearly as much or as often. But its fun, I’m getting to know him through it and I like that. & to top it of for me he is exclusively breastfed. the kid won’t even take a bottle let alone be supplemented. I kinda like that. I wish he took the bottle easier (he has taken it when I went out one night, but not the second time I tried to go out). But I am stoked that he is exclusive!

If these two have taught me anything that I could share not a new nursing mom, its stick with it. There are rough patches, nursing strikes and growth spurts. But they all balance each other, just set yourself a goal, don’t give up and keep at it. It’s worth it! There is nothing like the bond you will have your baby when you nurse, give it your all and you will have nothing to regret/miss when its done. Oh and if you want to be exclusive don’t even bring a coupon for formula into your home, pretend it doesn’t exist!


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